Pinner Eruv


10 - 11 May 2019

5 - 6 Iyar 5779

The Pinner Eruv has been checked and can be relied upon.

The Pinner Eruv is a device to make our area private for the purpose of carrying essential items over Shabbat. It also enables the use of child buggies and use of wheelchairs, thus enabling all the family to have a full social and communal life.

The Pinner Eruv incorporates most of the HA5 postcode – see map – and is checked twice weekly. The side panel shows the status of the Eruv; red if there is a problem, amber during the week, and green if the Eruv has been checked on Friday and is able to be used. In case of a major storm beginning any time after notification the Eruv should be presumed to be non-operational. Heavy rains, wind, snow, or other weather conditions can frequently invalidate an Eruv. To eliminate the chance of inappropriate reliance on a damaged Eruv, it is best to assume that the Eruv is invalid in the aftermath of any storm.

The Pinner Eruv Company is registered with the Charity Commission and the Charity No is 1144657.

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Eruv Map

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