Pinner Eruv


10 - 11 May 2019

5 - 6 Iyar 5779

The Pinner Eruv has been checked and can be relied upon.


An Eruv permits a Jew to carry certain items on Shabbat / Yom Kippur within the defined Eruv boundaries that otherwise would not be allowed.

Below is a list of items & activities that the Eruv enables one to do as well as a list of activities that one is still not permitted to do.

The Eruv Allows You To:
  1. Push buggies and wheelchairs
  2. Carry items to be used on Shabbat, for example
    • A tallit or book for prayer/study
    • Food items
    • Glasses
    • House keys
    • Toys to play with in the park
The Eruv Does Not Allow You To:
  1. Carry items which cannot be used on Shabbat or whose intended use is for for after Shabbat e.g. business papers, office key
  2. Carry items whose main use is prohibited on Shabbat, e.g. writing implement, digital items (eg mobile phones, tablets, computers), garden tools, wallet, purse, umbrellas
  3. Carry items which are neither food nor a utensil that has any practical use on Shabbat, e.g. money, credit card
  4. Carry a valuable item that one expends extra care for its safety, e.g. passport, cheque, expensive painting, merchandise
  5. Carry gifts (other than food for Shabbat) to hosts

The Pinner Eruv is checked every Friday (and during the week) to ensure that it is functional. The Eruv is only valid to be used upon specific authoritative confirmation. Please click here to subscribe to receive weekly updates by text message and/or email.

Weekly Eruv Inspection

The Eruv will be inspected every Friday morning and during the week to ensure that it is intact. Every Friday afternoon, we will notify the community of the Eruv status in the following ways:

  1. the status will be posted on the Eruv website
  2. we will send a text message and/or email to those who subscribe to the service.

In case of a major storm beginning any time after notification, the Eruv should be presumed to be non-operational. Heavy rains, wind, snow, or other weather conditions can frequently invalidate an Eruv. To eliminate the chance of inappropriate reliance on a damaged Eruv, it is best to assume that the Eruv is invalid in the aftermath of any storm.

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